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StarMega Corp
512 Tassy Ct. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123
phone 505-299-5903 Cell 505-238-2271 FAX 505-323-3638

Education: PhD Mat. Sci., Stanford, 1965; MS Optics, U. Rochester ; BS Physics, U. Texas

Professional Experience: Professor EECE, U. New Mexico, 1985--- ; Professor, National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics, INAOE, Puebla, Mexico, 1975-84; Visiting Professor, Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany, 1979; R & D at Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX, 1957-74; Consultant for Honeywell Microswitch and Optoelectronics, 1983---- , also for Wacker-Chemitronics, 1979, and Varo Semiconductor, 1976-83; Sabbatical at Virginia Semiconductor Inc. VSI, 1992, and consultant, 1982---- .

Areas of Current Interest: Micromachining, chemical etching, defects and diffusion in semiconductors, 3D structures, electrophoresis, chemical reactions in constricted volumes, quantum dots and ridges.

Honors: National Investigator Award (Mexico, 1984); Best paper IEEE Symp., Monterrey, Mexico, 1977; VW Foundation Microstructure Research Award, 1980-84; TI PhD Fellowship, 1961-64, TI Senior Investigator (Fellow), 1970-74; Senior Member IEEE; Doctor Honoris Causa, INAOE, Mexico, 1997.

Principal Accomplishments: 

Industrial Career: Originator of isoconcentration diffusion method; Discovered and explained: Very fast uphill-diffusion of In in GaAs and Cd-In radioactive daughter anomaly, and also two-step diffusion anomaly for Zn in GaAs; Proposed rearranged defect families in III-Vs (including EL2 in GaAs); E-center quasi-equilibrium model and extensive data for kink in P profile of Si; Discovered and developed simple step-etching model for mask alignment for anisotropic etching of Si; Initiated ion implantation at TI in 1969.
Inventions: See patents #1 to #14 below. (SIMOX and trench capacitor probably the most important commercially).

Academic and Consulting Career: Co-originator of hydration model for anisotropic etching of Si; Discovered and co-developed theory and method to produce chemically etched spherical micromirror arrays on (100) Si; Wagon-wheel method for analyzing anisotropic etching; Vertical semi-permeable membrane and chemical factory on-chip; Methane-to-methanol on-chip proposal; Chiral molecule separator and multiple hole vortex airfoil proposal; Micromachined grooved single crystal X-ray laser structure; Multiple Use Substrate MU-STRATE with vertical feed-throughs for terabit/cm3 logic; Micromachined rectangular echelon diffraction grating; Developed ultra-high resistivity Si (105 ohm-cm) as a new product for VSI: Greatly improved VSI ultra-thin Si product; X-ray aligned and cut (5 5 12) and (1 1 4) Si wafers at VSI for CHTM and VCU use on #15 invention below; Zn diffusion development for Honeywell LEDs; Greatly reduced leakage current (with Richard Davis) on Honeywell Pressure Sensors.
Inventions: See patents 15-18 below.

Publications and Patents: Over 55 publications, 6 book chapters, 18 US patents + 2 pending. 2 International patents pending.  

Industrial and Other Interactions: Honeywell Microswitch and Optoelectronics, Virginia Semiconductor Inc., Sandia National Laboratories (miniature fuel cell). Collaboration with Alison Baski, Physics Department at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Most Relevant Publications: 

  1. D. L. Kendall and R. Shoultz, “Wet Chemical Etching of Silicon and 10 Challenges for Micromachiners” SPIE Handbook of Microfabrication, Micromachining, and Microlithography, Vol. 2, SPIE Optical Press, pp. 41-97, 1997. Ed. P. Rai-Choudhury.

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Patents: (With explanations and acronyms later applied to each).

  1. US03148094 09/08/1964 Method of producing junctions by a relocation process. (Vapor phase epitaxy, VPE, and etching for semiconductor heterostructures).

  2. US03674995 07/04/1972 Computer controlled device testing and subsequent arbitrary adjustment of device characteristics. (Simultaneous uniformization of thresholds and emission outputs of large arrays of MOSFETs and LEDs using electron and laser beam feedback scheme).

  3. US03725148 04/03/1973 Individual device tuning using localized solid state reactions. (Localized laser and e-beam annealing).

  4. US03810791 05/14/1974 Process for fabrication of semiconductor materials. (Proton enhanced out-diffusion for producing ultrathin simulated epitaxial layers).

  5. US03881244 05/06/1975 Method of making a solid state inductor. (Rectangular coil and 3D IC).

  6. US03807274 07/29/1975 Fabrication of dielectrically isolated semiconductor structures (co-authors). (Buried insulator layers using reactive ion implantation, SIMOX and SIMNOX).

  7. US03936329 02/03/1976 Integral honeycomb support of thin single crystal surfaces (co-author).

  8. US03936789 02/03/1976 Spreading resistor thermistor (co-author). (On-chip spreading resistor).

  9. US03962713 06/08/1976 Large value capacitor (co-author). (Deep groove trench-capacitor).

  10. US03969746 07/13/1976 Vertical multijunction solar cell (co-authors). (VMJ solar cell).

  11. US04015175 03/29/1977 Discrete, fixed value capacitor (co-authors). (Oxide-nitride capacitor).

  12. US04017885 04/12/1977 Large value capacitor (co-author). (Improvement of #9 and 3D IC).

  13. US04065742 12/27/1977 Composite semiconductor structures (co-author). (Parallel and series combinations for tunnel diodes, zero temperature coefficient resistors, etc.)

  14. US04104697 08/01/1978 Discrete, fixed value capacitor (co-authors). (Improvement of #11).

  15. US 6,667,492 12/23/2003 and PCT International Publication WO99/25024, Quantum Ridges and Tips. (Atomic-structure-based lithography enhancement scheme for 0.94 to 5.35 nm pitches).

  16. US 6,413,880 B1, 07/2/2002, with Alison Baski, Strongly Textured Atomic Ridge (STAR) and Dot Formation. (STAR fabrication methods).

  17. US 6,465,782 B1, 10/15/2002 Strongly Textured Atomic Ridges and Tip Arrays. (Mega-tip Cantilever Array).

  18. US 6,509,619 B1, 01/21/2003, with Mark Guttag, Strongly Textured Atomic Ridge and Dot MOSFETs, Sensors, and Filters. (MOSFET Multi-molecule Sensor and Nanometer-scale Filter and Shadow Mask).