Patents - Summaries of the 6 Issued US Patents

(The Company also has several related international patents, issued and pending.)

US 6,667,492 12/23/2003 Don L. Kendall, "Quantum Ridges and Tips" (Primary applications are MOSFETs on high index Si with ultrahigh carrier velocities, HTS Buckyball superconductors and DNA in flexible nano-width walls)
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US 6,413,880 B1, 07/2/2002, Alison Baski and Don L. Kendall, "Strongly Textured Atomic Ridge and Dot Formation". (Methods for producing atomic ridges and grooves with pitches from 0.94 to 5.35 nm. Positive and negative nanometer resists and etch masks.)
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US 6,465,782 B1, 10/15/2002, Don L. Kendall, "Strongly Textured Atomic Ridges and Tip Arrays". (A multi-million-tip array having a pitch of 0.94 to 5.35 nm on a cantilever and a means of moving the cantilever in at least one arcuate direction. An atomic claw capable of sculpting nanometer circuits.)
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US 6,509,619 B1, 01/21/2003, Don L. Kendall and M. J. Guttag, "Strongly Textured Atomic Ridge and Dot MOSFETs, Sensors, and Filters". (MOSFET arrays for simultaneous detection of thousands of environmental and security-related molecules. Particle filters and shadow masks having regularly spaced openings from 0.3 to 5.1 nm. Facemasks for oxygen enrichment of air to avoid use of oxygen tanks.)
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US 07,019,324, 03/28/2006, Don Kendall "Security-Chemical Sensor" (MOSFET with porous gate, and specifically sized molecules below the gate to allow control of the molecules entering the active region of the device, which gives an electronic signature for a very wide range of entering molecules in the gas sample, e.g. in the breath of a human.)
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US 07,259,099 B2, 8/21/2007, Don L. Kendall and M. J. Guttag "Nanogroove and Porous Windows for DNA and Other Long Chain Molecules" (Complex processing methods to fabricate the sensors in patents STAR04FILTERS and STAR05SENSORS.)
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